Grayson Gilbert
imagine idk like a way super cocky girl like super super super over confident who thinks shes great at everything and anything and then theres a guy whos practically the same and its like a constant battle between the two to see who can do the most this and that and in the end it just leads up to whatever happened oh how id love to plot this??

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[college] Grayson & Miranda || I’ll let the bad parts in


He didn’t understand, not that she had ever expected him to.  Her eyebrows knitted together somewhat while she rolled her lips over one another.  It would be difficult to try to convince him, much less explain to him what she meant.  She knew that she had absolutely nothing to prove.  It wasn’t about that; really, it was so much more than that.  Just as much as he didn’t want anything to happen to her, she didn’t want anything to happen to him.  That lack of control, of not knowing if he’d just not come home one night, was too much for her to cope with.  She wanted to be out there with him, knowing that she could shove him out of harm’s way at any given moment, should the need arise.  She was selfish and possessive and arrogant; she didn’t want anyone else watching his back but her, because she didn’t think they could — not like Miranda herself.

"So, then, how do you think I feel?" Miranda pressed the issue, her voice much softer than before. "I don’t have anything to prove, Grayson," she frowned and exhaled heavily, her shoulders falling slightly. "I just know that no one else will fight harder to keep you safe while you’re out there trying to keep everyone else safe than I will.” She reached out to take one of his hands in hers, toying with their fingers, curling her own around the back of his palm.

"I’ve still never forgiven myself for not being there for Jenna when she was hurt.  I can’t imagine going through that again… with you."

Hearing Miranda’s reply caused Grayson’s mouth to part and his eyes to widen. “I don’t need protection.” He shook his head at her. “I’m already protected.” He looked down at their joined hands. “I’m literally protected by my family’s legacy with this this bulky-as-hell ring.” He pointed out. “And growing up knowing that I’d have to hunt like my ancestors.” 

"It would only be more distracting to have you around me. Not like I could ever think clearly when you were around me, even when we couldn’t stand each other." He explained seriously. "One of the many reasons why I never told my other girlfriends. If I’m too busy being concerned if you’re safe, then I can’t get the job over and done with. It’s not as bad as you imagine it to be." He promised. "I’m used to hunting." He sighed feeling like his patrols were going to become a hurdle in their relationship. It concerned him because she didn’t have a protection ring and he didn’t think that Abby knew how to make more.

"Don’t get me wrong… I love that you care." Grayson leaned closer to Miranda, leaning his forehead against hers. 

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Doctor, doctor… || Canon!Gilberts


Holy shit, he was gorgeous.  She honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it, or him.  Or just, x-rated mental film montages of them in general.  She was seriously hoping he wouldn’t check her heart rate or blood pressure right now.  Could someone tell when all of your blood was rushing between your legs?  Fuck, she hoped not.  So, she tried to think of something else — dead puppies or just, you know, old people naked.  That kind of worked.  It also kind of made her nauseous.

Was he talking again?  His lips were moving.  She didn’t know what he was saying.  Then, all of a sudden, he was tapping her knee with that weird hammer, and her leg snapped forward, surprising her.  She wound up wobbling off the table and onto her one good foot with the rest of her weight pressing against him.  She was literally hanging onto him for dear life. …Wow. He smelled nice, too.  Oh, wait—

"Oh, my god, could you maybe warn a girl?  Shit," she was breathing hard now, suddenly extremely aware of how close he was or she was, or, hell, they were.  Miranda did her best to try to re-situate herself back onto the table. "My reflexes are fine, Doc.  Just, seriously, I need to go be somewhere other than here, like—" she waved her right hand, feeling flushed and distracted. "Immediately."

Trying to stifle a laugh, Grayson bit down hard on his lip. He didn’t think any patient would appreciate being laughed at. It would be highly inappropriate of him. “I did warn you.” He replied looking at her with confusion as she re-situated herself on the table. “And you’ll be out of here soon. I don’t make a habit of torturing my patients.” He promised and moved to drawers behind him to get the materials for her cast.

About fifteen minutes later, Miranda was ready to go. “I’ll be calling your house to check up on you.” He explained with a sincere smile. “If you need anything, anything at all, please call the office.” He nodded looking down at her. “You’re free to go now. Now remember, I want you staying off your foot for at least 6 weeks.” He gave her a pointed look saying there were no exceptions to his instructions. He knew she was going to protest. She was a bit of a firecracker; that much he had already figured out from their first interaction. 

prom night || grayson.



It was more difficult than she thought it’d be to say something nasty in response to his confession.  Her delusions of him secretly being some terrible, awful guy had long since been shot.  Day by day, he only continued to prove her wrong, time and time again.  Maybe this was the universe’s way of reminding her that it was she who was actually the horrible one. “I just came with Kelly, actually. Stag,” she sighed and pursed her lips. “I figured I’ve made enough mistakes boy wise for a lifetime. I should probably retire early, or something.”

A smirk tugged at Grayson’s lips hearing that Miranda came stag to Prom. He didn’t bother making fun of her because she seemed mortified as it was. Although, he found hilarious irony that she had attempted to make fun of him for suffering the same fate. “What’s the plan for after you steal the crown?” He asked, side gazing at her. “You throwing a party? Going to one?” 


Anonymous: the quote you posted is so much since grayson gilbert left in the car after elena was saved and he futilely starts bashing on windows and banging the steering wheel- "I could never live with myself if something happened to you.” he remembers and his face just drains of all color and he watches his wife dead in the water as he accepts death in full xoxo




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Anonymous: would you have ever told your son about vampires? did you expect him to take after you and John?

I went through a dark period in my life when Abby left. She’d always been a constant for me and of course, Miranda too. I wanted to swear off the supernatural after she left town. I felt guilty for her leaving as well. Wouldn’t you in my place as well? For a few years, we never uttered the words “vampire” or “witch” in our house. I stopped going hunting altogether, but John kept it up. Abby’s leaving broke me in a way… I didn’t want to hunt or care about vampires anymore.

A few years later and with a bit of convincing, I decided to work on vampires for scientific research. But that was different. It was a controlled environment. And sure— it was naive of me to think that I could lead two different lives, but I wanted Jeremy and Elena to firmly be in the one without supernatural occurrences. I wanted them to grow up normal. We’d gone awhile in Mystic Falls without any sightings, so I left the conversation for when I would need it. I’d be lying if I said that I wished that I had left the town, because ultimately it was my home and my duty remained to it in my heart.

Looking back on all that’s happened: if Abby never left town and her powers hadn’t vanished, then I would have likely passed on my hunting skills to Jeremy and Elena. I would have still believed that the good guys always came out on top.