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Anonymous: the quote you posted is so much since grayson gilbert left in the car after elena was saved and he futilely starts bashing on windows and banging the steering wheel- "I could never live with myself if something happened to you.” he remembers and his face just drains of all color and he watches his wife dead in the water as he accepts death in full xoxo




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Anonymous: would you have ever told your son about vampires? did you expect him to take after you and John?

I went through a dark period in my life when Abby left. She’d always been a constant for me and of course, Miranda too. I wanted to swear off the supernatural after she left town. I felt guilty for her leaving as well. Wouldn’t you in my place as well? For a few years, we never uttered the words “vampire” or “witch” in our house. I stopped going hunting altogether, but John kept it up. Abby’s leaving broke me in a way… I didn’t want to hunt or care about vampires anymore.

A few years later and with a bit of convincing, I decided to work on vampires for scientific research. But that was different. It was a controlled environment. And sure— it was naive of me to think that I could lead two different lives, but I wanted Jeremy and Elena to firmly be in the one without supernatural occurrences. I wanted them to grow up normal. We’d gone awhile in Mystic Falls without any sightings, so I left the conversation for when I would need it. I’d be lying if I said that I wished that I had left the town, because ultimately it was my home and my duty remained to it in my heart.

Looking back on all that’s happened: if Abby never left town and her powers hadn’t vanished, then I would have likely passed on my hunting skills to Jeremy and Elena. I would have still believed that the good guys always came out on top.

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[college] Grayson & Miranda || I’ll let the bad parts in


As he snatched the weapon from her, she gave him a look. It was a mixture of surprise and a bit of annoyance. She understood where he was coming from. Honest. Really, it was kind of surprising how much understanding came from establishing intimacy between two people. Even so, she knew what she was capable of, crossbow aside. Though she wasn’t about to tell him that, not yet. She’d let him talk for now, because she actually wanted to listen. She wanted to hear about his family and his past. Strange to think that she actually cared now, but she did. She was maybe even more than just a little interested.

"Well, killing vampires isn’t exactly duck hunting," she shrugged, trying to keep the moment at least somewhat light, considering the content. However, as soon as his hand cupped her face and he turned to face her, she felt suddenly very warm. This kind of intimacy with him (and really, with anyone) was still so new to her. She was normally more of a physical person, physicality without the emotional basis behind it. But with Grayson, it was different; everything was different.

"… and I’m not saying that you have to. To either," Miranda amended, hesitating for only a moment prior to placing her hand over his against her face. "But if you’re going to do both, and you can, you’re going to have to accept that I can take care of myself," she wasn’t being silly or passive as she spoke. There was a very real fire and purpose behind her words. "I don’t want to be saved or protected. I want to save and protect. Even if that doesn’t mean playing Rambo with you, it does mean something. So…" she breathed out, her lips momentarily pursed. "Don’t expect me to play the damsel to your knight in shining armor. If I’m playing anything, it’s co-pilot."

With eyes still locked on Miranda’s, Grayson’s hand fell from her face to his side. He felt defeated. He didn’t want Miranda involved with the family business. “I didn’t like you knowing about this stuff in high school and I still don’t…” He admitted. The irony being that he couldn’t hide it from her since she already knew. It was strange to think that there weren’t any secrets between them unlike with his former girls. It made him feel funny that he had someone other than Johnny to discuss this with. “Why do you care so much?” Grayson had to ask. “You don’t have to prove your tough.” He shook his head to the side. “And I never claimed to wanting a damsel… I’d rather this be…” He turned back to the closet and shut its door. “It’s own other life while you’re part of my main life.”

Grayson’s back came to lean against the closet door, a literal human barricade from the dangerous life he wanted to protect her from. “I could never live with myself if something happened to you.” He continued. “Don’t you know what that would do to me?”

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Doctor, doctor… || Canon!Gilberts


Oh, my god. Oh, my god. What was she supposed to do?  Doctors weren’t supposed to be that hot.  Wasn’t there, like, a law, or something?  Ugly people need only apply?  Wasn’t that some kind of requirement to get into medical school?  She was sure that her face looked incredulous, mouth open even.  Thank god she wasn’t drooling, or anything.  Though, she was staring, if only for a moment.  She all but had to force herself to look away.

"You’re, like, seventeen-years-old, or something," she breathed out the words, feeling ridiculous as soon as they left her mouth.  Too bad she couldn’t take them back. "I mean, like… are you even an actual doctor?" Miranda was two for two for horrible transitions. She was playing with her hair, running her fingers through it.  It was what she did when she was nervous or flustered — which Miranda Sommers never was.  Ever.  How embarrassing.

 ”It’s not fractured.  If it was fractured, I’d be crying,” Miranda insisted flippantly, refusing to believe a girl on her squad could be so fucking stupid. “I’m not going to let something dumb like a sophomore bench me. Can’t you just, I don’t know, wrap it up or make it stop hurting so I can walk?  People have cheered with worse injuries, probably.” She was talking a lot because she was distracted; she was distracted, because, well, his face.

Grayson grinned at her remark about his age. “I’m a doctor.” He assured her. “But good to know that I’m not looking wrinkly…” Medical school was hell as expected. Honestly, he was surprised he didn’t end up with gray hair by the end of it. He even checked for it every morning when he woke up. Grayson set the rubber hammer down on the side table for a second to reach for her x-rays.

Turning on the light to the display, Grayson turned toward Miranda as his hand pointed toward the small but clearly visible fracture in her ankle. “Sorry to say, but you’re benched for this season.” He studied her closely. “I bet it sucks to put a kink in your senior plans, but the only way that it’s going to heal is rest.”

"I will be putting your ankle in a cast after I test your reflexes for any other damages that I’m unaware of." He explained as he walked closer to Miranda. "I’ll be tapping you very lightly on the knee first.” He said before taking the rubber hammer and doing so. “Just think of something nice and distracting. I’ll make this quick.”

prom night || grayson.


"Yeah, well, even if I did know, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise," her latter words were dripping with sarcasm.  It was, after all, her very last line of offensive — given the fact that he was still too fucking close to her.  Seriously, why was he so close?  Couldn’t he be, you know, half way across the room, with Meredith or someone he actually liked?  No, that would just be too kind of him. "So, Meredith is your date, huh?" she pretended to people-watch now. "And here I’d thought you’d written yourself off as too cool for a pity slash friend date."


“Too cool?” Grayson replied with a full-stop charming smile. “Nice to know that you think of me that way.” He laughed dryly. “You couldn’t be further from the truth.” He added more seriously. “Actually, I asked Meredith to go with me way back when. I wasn’t gonna back out on my promise.” He shrugged before narrowing his eyes at her. “What about you? Shouldn’t you be stepping on some poor guy’s toes instead of talking to me?”


Finally a Belena scene. Waited long enough for one.