Grayson Gilbert
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Wait, who is this? I don’t recognize your username.
We probably played under different usernames.

Grayson is exclusively a 1x1 with Miranda now.
That’s why I’m not on here much.


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prom night || grayson.



"Honestly?" Miranda had half the mind to end the conversation here.  It was too damn depressing — not to mention, embarrassing.  She was feeling out of her element.  God, to think, that Grayson Gilbert, all-star annoyance of her life, had now wiggled his way out of her element.  The fact that Miranda Sommers now had an ‘element’ at all.  Jesus Christ.  Nothing fazed her — nothing, apparently, except him. "No. I’m finishing up here, and then… going home, I guess." She shrugged, feeling utterly run down. "Though I’m sure Kelly will drag me out somewhere," she trailed off, pausing. "Why do you care?"


"It was just a question." Grayson replied. "By our luck, we’re going to end up at the same party. Mason is throwing it." He explained, already knowing which party Kelly was talking about. Thankfully, the awkwardness was thrown off, when the principal got on stage to announce the King and Queen of the night.

"We’re happy to announce that this year’s Prom Queen is Miranda Sommers!" Mr. Giles announced over the speaker.

Grayson stood next to her, playfully clapping in her face, while mentally screaming how much he didn’t want to be King. He sighed waiting for Mr. Giles to open the next envelope.

Doctor, doctor… || Canon!Gilberts


Was love at first sight a real thing?  Okay, so, maybe this wasn’t love, but it was definitely lust and something else.  ’Something else’ purely because the drive wasn’t just to sleep with him.  She wanted to know about him, wanted to get close to him.  She had it bad, and they had made said twelve full sentences (run-on, for her) to one another.  It was that — oh, and, you know, he was several years her senior.

She really knew how to pick them.

"Six weeks?  Yeah, okay," That was going to happen.  But she smiled and feigned acceptance.  Summoning up what was left of her self-proclaimed swagger and dignity, she gave him a look (quite possibly, The Look), and then hobbled inelegantly passed him toward the door.

"I’ll call you," Miranda maintained, making no point to indicate that she meant his office. "Bye, Doc."

— complete —

imagine idk like a way super cocky girl like super super super over confident who thinks shes great at everything and anything and then theres a guy whos practically the same and its like a constant battle between the two to see who can do the most this and that and in the end it just leads up to whatever happened oh how id love to plot this??

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[college] Grayson & Miranda || I’ll let the bad parts in


He didn’t understand, not that she had ever expected him to.  Her eyebrows knitted together somewhat while she rolled her lips over one another.  It would be difficult to try to convince him, much less explain to him what she meant.  She knew that she had absolutely nothing to prove.  It wasn’t about that; really, it was so much more than that.  Just as much as he didn’t want anything to happen to her, she didn’t want anything to happen to him.  That lack of control, of not knowing if he’d just not come home one night, was too much for her to cope with.  She wanted to be out there with him, knowing that she could shove him out of harm’s way at any given moment, should the need arise.  She was selfish and possessive and arrogant; she didn’t want anyone else watching his back but her, because she didn’t think they could — not like Miranda herself.

"So, then, how do you think I feel?" Miranda pressed the issue, her voice much softer than before. "I don’t have anything to prove, Grayson," she frowned and exhaled heavily, her shoulders falling slightly. "I just know that no one else will fight harder to keep you safe while you’re out there trying to keep everyone else safe than I will.” She reached out to take one of his hands in hers, toying with their fingers, curling her own around the back of his palm.

"I’ve still never forgiven myself for not being there for Jenna when she was hurt.  I can’t imagine going through that again… with you."

Hearing Miranda’s reply caused Grayson’s mouth to part and his eyes to widen. “I don’t need protection.” He shook his head at her. “I’m already protected.” He looked down at their joined hands. “I’m literally protected by my family’s legacy with this this bulky-as-hell ring.” He pointed out. “And growing up knowing that I’d have to hunt like my ancestors.” 

"It would only be more distracting to have you around me. Not like I could ever think clearly when you were around me, even when we couldn’t stand each other." He explained seriously. "One of the many reasons why I never told my other girlfriends. If I’m too busy being concerned if you’re safe, then I can’t get the job over and done with. It’s not as bad as you imagine it to be." He promised. "I’m used to hunting." He sighed feeling like his patrols were going to become a hurdle in their relationship. It concerned him because she didn’t have a protection ring and he didn’t think that Abby knew how to make more.

"Don’t get me wrong… I love that you care." Grayson leaned closer to Miranda, leaning his forehead against hers. 

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